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Tips for Researching Assisted Living Care

It can be difficult to know where to start when a family decides it is time to consider senior living options. There are many ways to select senior care that is right for each person, and there are many ways to go about finding information that will lead to that ultimate decision.

Once it is time to explore options, the first step is to make sure each family member is on the same page. The second step is to select senior care at the level needed. Assisted living is one of the most common choices for seniors. So, what is assisted living? And how do you find assisted living care that fits the needs of your senior loved one?

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities today serve an active generation of seniors. Many assisted living communities allow residents to live carefree and active lifestyles, without worrying about laundry, housekeeping, home maintenance or yard work. 

Assisted living communities are the best choice for seniors who no longer feel comfortable or confident living completely independently. This is often because the senior needs assistance with the activities of daily living. This could mean the senior needs support with an activity like bathing, grooming, eating or dressing. 

Assisted living communities are also known for creating a true sense of community, providing exciting social opportunities and offering activities and programs that keep seniors engaged, mind, body and spirit. At River Crossing, residents enjoy:

  • A coffee bar
  • Restaurant-style dining with meals prepared daily
  • Social activities
  • Wellness and fitness programs
  • An activity room and game area
  • On-site church services
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Small pets welcome

How to Research Assisted Living Communities

When it is time to explore assisted living options, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some tips for doing research into assisted living communities:

  • Follow your needs. To select the right assisted living community, the services and programs must align with the senior’s needs. What are your wants? What are your needs? Create a list of prioritized requirements.
  • Visit assisted living communities online. Compile a list of assisted living communities in appealing areas and visit their websites. Get a feel for the culture, look at pictures of the grounds and read online reviews. And don’t forget to check out their social media feeds to see learn more about activities and programs!
  • Find out what activities are offered. Assisted living communities are great places to make new friends, pursue new hobbies and enjoy favorite pastimes. Make sure the communities being considered offer the right services, classes, activities and outings to keep things exciting.
  • Understand the medical services available. It can be helpful to not only consider what medical services are needed now, but what may be needed in the near future.
  • Take a tour. Make the point to spend time in person at any assisted living community that seems it may be a good fit.
  • Know what questions to ask. In person and/or on the phone, there are many questions that families can ask to gain a better understanding of each assisted living community. Here are some suggested questions:
  • What are the housing options?
  • What is the staff makeup? What training do they receive?
  • What is the meal program like? 
  • What are the values of the community?
  • What maintenance services are provided?
  • How do they accommodate special nutritional needs?
  • What is the policy for family visits?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • What is the financial investment required?
  • What security measures are in place?

About River Crossing

River Crossing is located in Clark County, Ind., and offers both assisted living and respite stay services. Our community is committed to supporting the independence of our residents, while also creating a culture of engagement, curiosity and health. Our on-site team is ready to help as needed, giving each resident the confidence to live life to the fullest. We encourage each resident to control and direct their daily activities, while encouraging personal growth and offering the support needed for each resident to meet their life goals.

Interested in learning more about life at River Crossing? Contact us today to get answers to all your questions. Ready to schedule a tour? We can’t wait for your visit!